Donna Tanner

Co-Founder | Operations

Donna Brings Operations, an Impressive A-List, and Executive-Level Hospitality Experience to the Table

With your marketing strategy or project in hand, Donna meticulously executes each detail. She has what many would consider a dream job, mixing her knack for advertising and marketing with her passion for food and cooking. Not all of Lux214’s clients are in the restaurant industry, but the ones who are appreciate Donna’s insider knowledge and attention to detail. Every position she’s held and both degrees she’s earned have led to where she is now, an inspirational leader who brings out the best in people and helps Lux214’s clients grow.

It’s right there. Documented in Donna’s high school senior memory book. She wrote she wanted to own her own business. But, doing so successfully takes earning your chops. So, Donna graduated with her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Texas at Dallas and her Master’s degree in psychology from University of Texas, Southwestern Medical Center. Plus, she spent decades working in the hospitality and restaurant industries.

Early on, Donna worked for some of the most renowned names, including Nana Grill, Hoffstetters, Popolos and Andrews. For 18 years, she was with Kent Rathbun Concepts, where she rose to director of communications, planning special events, managing marketing campaigns, handling public relations and stepping in whenever and wherever she was needed. With the exception of co-founding Lux214, Donna’s most defining career moments are planning catered events for Oprah Winfrey, Cuba Gooding, Jr. Terrance Howard and NeYo.

A deep understanding of organizational and operational procedures is second nature for Donna, and she has built a stellar reputation for it, not to mention an enviable list of industry contacts. And, yes, she’s been known to share them with Lux214’s clients.

Featured Client Experience (Past & Present)

Abacus Restaurant

Jasper’s Restaurant

Kent Rathbun Concepts

Kent Rathbun Catering

Woodhouse Spa

Sauce Beauty

So Cozy

Kalypso Wellness

Be Legend Gaming

55 Seventy

Bubba’s Country Cooking

Baymark Partners

The Dish on Donna


20+ Years
Marketing experience

Wrangling technology

Favorite Foods (Which Shouldn’t Have Calories)
Ribeye steaks and chocolate

Sing-in-the-Car Song
Any Journey song

LUX 214 Media Group | Donna Tanner
LUX 214 Media Group | Donna Tanner
LUX 214 Media Group | Donna Tanner
LUX 214 Media Group | Donna Tanner
LUX 214 Media Group | Donna Tanner
LUX 214 Media Group | Donna Tanner
LUX 214 Media Group | Donna Tanner
LUX 214 Media Group | Donna Tanner