Paid Social Media Ads are the Reason Nobody “Likes” Your Company Anymore

Lux214’s social media advertising experts can rattle off dozens of statistics indicating organic (non-paid) social media posts have lost their reach, thus their effectiveness. Depending on the source, it’s estimated that a measly 2-13% of your followers see your organic posts. That translates to 2-13 followers out of every hundred see your post. So, it’s not that people don’t “like” your company, it is that social media platforms are a pay-to-play market.

While organic social media posts are still a direct line to your followers, they won’t generate new business because they won’t be seen by new audiences. Paid social media ads are served to your precise target audience based on selected criteria. Lux214 handles all aspects of your paid social media ads, resulting in new followers, brand awareness, website traffic, leads and sales.

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