You Won’t Find “Pick-a-Package” Digital Marketing Here

Silver, gold or platinum digital marketing packages might work for some. Chances are they won’t work for you, or you wouldn’t be here at Lux214. We tailor digital marketing strategies to where your company is at in the growth stage, from brand positioning for early phase businesses to expanding market share for established brands.

Our digital marketing solutions and strategies put your brand, product and services in the right place at the right time with the right message. And, there’s no “pick-a-package” capable of doing that with the same level of precision as our experts.


Digital Marketing Leaders Guide Your Business to achieving success

It’s competitive out there. Our digital marketing experts help you capitalize on your unique differentiators, so you can better compete in the digital space. As a full-service agency, we use proven methods and proven technology platforms to develop an integrated strategy that works for your business and budget. Plus, we work on your terms as your outsourced digital marketing agency or on-demand support for your in-house team.

Social Media Management

We find the channels where your target audience is tuned in and focus time, energy and budget there. Our approach to social media management increases brand awareness, builds a loyal community and generates sales. From high-level strategy to content creation, posting, engagement, influencer collaborations, contests, giveaways and more, Lux214 amplifies your social presence.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an oldy in our digital toolkit, but it’s still a goody. Today’s email marketing platforms remove any mystery about a campaign’s performance. Need a platform recommendation to get started? Support for your in-house team? Lux214 jumps in and handles list acquisition, list growth, campaign development, execution and management.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer collaborations. Thanks to our long-standing connections with influencers in several industries, we’ll find the perfect fit for your brand. We use software to evaluate up-and-coming influencers and ensure their followers are your target demographic. And, you always know how they are impacting your brand since our team manages campaigns end-to-end.

Paid Social Ads

Your organic (un-paid) social media posts simply aren’t generating new business or brand awareness. Why? They are displayed only on the feeds of a handful of your followers. Social media channels are pay to play today. Lux214 solves this challenge with a smart paid social ad strategy, equally smart design and copy, and constant management and optimization.

Search Engine Optimization/Search Engine Marketing

Handling your company’s SEO and SEM could easily be a full-time position. Lux214’s SEO and SEM experts save you time, money and aggravation by doing the heavy lifting for you, improving search rankings, helping customers find you on Google, creating and running Google Ads campaigns, driving qualified traffic to your website, and adapting strategy to the latest algorithms.