It’s no secret that people trust personal recommendations more than traditional paid advertisements. Word of mouth marketing statistics (and personal life experiences) have proven this. Influencer marketing is a hybrid, taking this concept and combining it with social media and content marketing. When properly executed the results are undeniably effective.

What is Influencer Marketing? The original form of IM was celebrity endorsements. Remember all those Olympic athletes who told generations of us to “eat your Wheaties”? This concept has evolved and influencers have emerged on social media with large and highly loyal fan bases – sometimes made up of hundreds of thousands (or even millions) of followers. Influencers exist in all industries and on all platforms; it could be a mom on Facebook who shares her favorite products for her kids or a foodie on Instagram who lets their followers know about the best new place to brunch or a marketing expert on Twitter who shares industry trends.

The beauty of Influencer Marketing is that there are many options of Influencers out there who are perfectly tailored matches for your business, and their followers would want to know about you. Reaching these audiences is the goal. When executed properly, IM campaigns have a positive ROI; Influencer Marketing Hub reports that businesses are making an average of $5.20 for every $1 spent on influencer marketing. And it’s no wonder, considering the trust that consumers place in the influencers they choose to follow. SmartBrief published that “70% of consumers say they trust the opinions of influencers as much or more than their real-world friends, while 78% said they trust influencer opinions more than traditional ads, and more than half said they consider the influencers they follow to be an extension of their circle of friends”.

A crucial key to the success of an Influencer Marketing campaign is knowing how to find and work with the right influencers. At Lux214 we understand the 5 tiers of influencers (Mega, Macro, Mid-Tier, Micro, and Nano) and have built relationships with key influencers across various niches. We have extensive experience executing IM campaigns from start to finish. Click HERE to view a case study from a recent IM campaign with one of our clients.

Questions about how you can leverage Influencer Marketing to drive more leads to your business?