At Lux214 Media Group, we know a thing or two about building a great restaurant brand. Our founding partners have spent careers spanning decades promoting top restaurants and celebrity chefs. Our roots in authentic barbecue run deep.

So when the local Dallas-based barbecue franchise of Red, Hot, and Blue decided to rebrand last year after 30 years in business with a new name (RHBQ), a major remodel, a new menu, and a huge beer garden, naturally, they turned to Lux214 to spread the word.

It was truly a match made in barbecue heaven.

We took a holistic approach to RHBQ’s digital media success. We left no stone unturned in our quest to establish RHBQ as the rightful successor to Red, Hot, and Blue in the tasty world of authentic barbecue.

From the customer’s first online interaction to their first in-person taste of RHBQ’s delicious barbecue, we made sure every digital process was well thought out, represented the brand, and functioned properly.

We started by creating the foundational elements, namely a complete redesign of the company’s website with professionally written copy that included search engine optimization (SEO). We updated RHBQ’s social media profiles and claimed all local directories and review sites.

Mixed bbq platter


Once the foundational elements were in place, we implemented long-term marketing processes and programs; like internal training so key team member had the tactical know-how and confidence and post on a regular basis and engage with customers. We also provided online tools that made being active on their social networks fool-proof and less time consuming.

These changes ensured success for RHBQ. By having Lux214 Media Group implement the necessary tools and training, we were able to make a major impact in the marketplace, while utilize internal resources; which ultimately reduced their long-term marketing costs.

In terms on of ongoing maintenance, we provide ongoing support, management and maintenance where and when it’s needed.

Now, one year after the rebranding, RHBQ is flourishing in the Dallas area and is hotter than ever. Want your restaurant to be next? Call Lori Barber, co-founder of Lux214 Media Group, at 214-906-6633 or email at to get started.

Here’s What We Do for RHBQ

  • We monitor and maintain website
  • Assist with routine updates
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Online Review Management
  • Social Media Tools
  • Social Media Training