Listen up marketers, now is the perfect time to get your marketing party started. Here’s why. You might not realize it, but there’s an important shift going on with your customers. The latest research indicates that your customers want more than just the goods or services you’re selling. Today’s consumer wants to have a meaningful connection to the things they spend money on. In fact, in some cases (especially with millennials) certain demographic groups are place a higher emphasis on having experiences instead of owning material possessions. There are a gigantic number of consumers who allow meaningful life-experiences to dictate buying decisions instead of more traditional drivers such as value.

Here’s what we mean. Close your eyes and think of your products and service as a new car, bottle of wine or case of bourbon. Today’s consumer is far more like to hit the proverbial “buy now” button if they have a happy memory associated with your brand. That “happy-memory” connection also drives brand loyalty and creates the type of repeat purchase that super-charge your marketing goals. Who doesn’t want loyal customers who will pay more, drive across town, share a selfie on social media and purchase over-and-over again? These dream clients are developed, not through a one-off transaction, but through a multi-faceted strategy that includes a heavy dose of event marketing. When your ideal customer has an opportunity to take a test ride in a convertible at a VIP event, meet your head distiller at a bourbon workshop or experience your brand while touring Napa Valley they form a connection to you and your brand that is both powerful and long lasting.

According to Shopify 74% of consumers say engaging with branded event marketing experiences makes them more likely to buy the products being promoted.

That’s why Macy’s invests heavily in Fashion Week, top wine makers partner with talented chefs for wine dinners and Zappos takes to the streets in a food trucks passing out cupcakes. They all do it so they can get out and actually connect with their customers. Smart brands want to meet them, look them in the eye, and allow them to experience their product in real life.

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