All of us know someone, maybe even several people, who suffer from one or more of the following ailments: chronic pain, migraines, depression, anxiety, diabetic peripheral neuropathy, inflammatory pain, fibromyalgia, and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

With that in mind, four anesthesiologists launched Kaylpso Wellness Centers in Texas in late 2016. Kalypso specializes in the treatment of patients suffering from the aforementioned ailments by using a revolutionary technique—ketamine infusions. With ketamine starting to gain a foothold in the medical profession for its use in pain management, Kalypso initially experienced rapid expansion. In less than 18 months, Kalypso opened four locations in Texas and one in North Carolina. But they didn’t want to stop there—they wanted to reach new markets and ultimately open more clinics.

That is where Lux214 came in. Our goal was to bring Kalypso to those markets that are unaware of ketamine infusion therapies, which would ultimately lead to higher quality of life for more people across the country. For Kalypso Wellness Centers, Lux214 Media Group used a multi-faceted approach to reach additional markets.

Our strategy included:

  • Delivering a consistent marketing message that included patent education through social media and email marketing.
  • Strategically reaching referring physicians and members of the local and national media through an innovative public relations campaign.
  • Creating a search friendly and intuitive new website that delivered life-changing information to patients and their families.

Through these efforts Lux214 Media Group successfully elevated Kalypso’s brand image and reached new patients in multiple locations. Contact or 214-906-6633 to discuss how we can do the same for you.




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